Q:What ages is ALSRobot product designed for?

A:ALSRobot product line cover kid from 3 to 18 years, with different products for different age groups


Q:Is it safe for kids to play?

A:Making sure our product is safe for kids is our priority, and we’ve done a lot of improvements on it. We recommend that kids under 8 years old should play in their parents’ company.


Q:Is product instruction included?

A:The product instruction is included in the corresponding app.


Q:What language does ALSRobot app support?

A:Now English and Chinese. More languages are on their ways


Q:What certifications does ALSRobot have?

A:Currently it has FCC, CE. We’re applying for certifications in other countries.


Q:Is any basic coding skills required?

A:No, kids do not need any basic coding experience.