ALSRobot Warranty Assurance

I.Term of service

Item Products Warranty Warranty Period
Electronics Parts Sensor, controller, extension board, driver board, electronic components, communication module, display module,ect Repair or Replacement 1 year
Motor servo, motor Repair or Replacement 6 months
Battery Lithium battery, ect Repair or Replacement 3 months
Structure Mechanical structural parts, transmission parts, crawlers, screws, nuts, packing boxes No warranty period, only provide factory damage replacement None
Others Wire, USB cable, battery case, tools, books and other consumable goods No warranty period, only provide factory damage replacement None
Attention :
This Limited Warranty applies to most of ALSRobot Products, If you are not sure whether this warranty policy is applicable to your product, please contact us at

II.After-sales Warranty Procedure

Attention :
If you purchase the product through authorized distributor, please contact the customer service by the authorized distributor first. If the distributor cannot fix the issue, please contact ALSRobot Technical Support for help.

III.Warranty Policies

Replacement: With respect to any defective product for which ALSRobot has been notified of the defect within seven calendar days since the date you receive the product, ALSRobot will, at ALSRobot’ discretion, provide you free of charge a replacement the same product or a latest product with equivalent performance after confirmed the defect by ALSRobot or the third party testing laboratories. The replaced item becomes ALSRobot’s property.

Replenishment: If you find out any missing parts of your products within seven calendar days since the date you receive the product, ALSRobot will ship you free of charge missing products or components after confirmed by ALSRobot or the third party testing laboratories.

Repairs: During the Warranty Period, if you find any performance issue with the product which is covered by this Limited Warranty, ALSRobot will provide free service to repair or replace defective components after confirmed the issue by ALSRobot or the third party testing laboratories and ALSRobot will undertake one-way logistics cost. Regarding the quality issue found at the product which does not apply to free repairs, ALSRobot will provide charged repair service to the product after confirmed by ALSRobot or the third party testing laboratories. The charge may vary according to the specific products and the damage level.
Note: Regarding the repaired or replaced product, it shall be warranted for two months after the date ALSRobot shipped it. If the original product remaining Warranty Period is more than two months, it shall apply to the original Warranty Period.

IV.Limited Warranty

This limited warranty does not cover any damage caused by: (1) any failure of the product due to does not match the national related standards in the operating environment, including but not limited to over-voltage, over-current, lightning, extreme high temperature, extreme high humidity, vibration, (2) external causes such as earthquake, fire, (3) unexpected factors or human behaviors damage the products, such as liquid contact, abuse, oxidation, rust, (4) failure to follow the product instructions to install, use, maintain, store the product, (5) unauthorized modify, decompose, and assemble the product, (6) transportation or storage when the purchaser ship the product back to ALSRobot, (7) including but not limited to other non-design, technical, manufacture, quality issue.

V.Special Notes

The packing of the product, free gifts, consumable parts, and mechanical parts are not applying to this Limited Warranty. If you find any damage upon receiving, ALSRobot will provide you free replacement. Please check timely the product after the receipt thereof. ALSRobot will charge certain fees if you would add packaging, accessories or require refurbishment service.

one of any warranty service made by an authorized distributor is covered by this warranty policy, and ALSRobot shall not be held liable. In order to receive any benefits from the distributor’s warranty and/or other policies, please keep any documents obtained during the purchase.

“Replacement/Warranty Period” are available from the date you receive the product. Please keep the receipt during the purchase.

In terms of discontinued products or the products which are going to be discontinued, ALSRobot will publish relevant announcement and inform authorized distributors to notify customers the deadline of the Warranty Period. ALSRobot and its authorized distributors will terminate the warranty service after the deadline of the Warranty Period.

The Limited Warranty does not apply to products that were resold by unauthorized resellers.

The buyer shall send the products to the company's quality control department for testing if any quality problem occurs within one year from the date of purchase of the products within the scope of our company's warranty. If the products are damaged due to any quality problem other than caused by human factors, the seller shall promptly refund, replace or repair the products according to our after-sales warranty policy.If the product is damaged due to human factors, the seller shall negotiate with the buyer on its own initiative, and the company shall carry out cost maintenance according to the after-sales service terms, and charge 5%-30% of the cost maintenance fee according to the damage degree.

Under the following circumstances, the company has the right to reject the customer's request for return or replacement:If the product is damaged and the delivery staff is not required to change the goods on the spot;Exceeds the return or replacement period or the incomplete appearance of the returned or replaced products is damaged;The customer loses the shipping documents without purchase records or fails to provide the purchase vouchers;There is no abnormal reason for the quality of the product itself.

You are suggested to contact us via emila any time if you have questions about ALSRobot products, we will be glad to serve you sincerely.

Remark: ALSRobot reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to interpret, modify and amend this warranty policy at any time.