Graphical programming
Match with CooCoo or Zinnobot
Unique emotion panel and free to edit

ALSRobot app is a robot graphical programming learning software for STEAM education. By graphical programming to code programming, make teenagers gradually master robot programming knowledge and skills, through a creative STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, mathematics) education way to make them play in the process of constantly improve their creative ability, the ability to exercise, the development of logical thinking, open the door to the scientific world for teenagers.

Graphical programming
Strong interactivity and adaptability
Support CooCoo and CooCoo expansion pack

CooCoo Town app is a graphical programming learning software of ALSRobot for STEAM education. Zero-basic users can start the robot programming through the game learning. CooCoo Town is committed to helping children open new ways of thinking, learning how to solve problems in the process of learning programming, learning how to design projects, practicing practical ability, developing logical thinking, and opening the door to the scientific world for teenagers!