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Micro:bit Series

micro:bit series is from ALSRobot designing based on micro:bit controller. micro:bit series makes peogramming more easy and interesting.

  • ·Age10+
  • ·Software supported on IOS\Android\Windows\web
  • ·Makecode, Micropython, Scratch Graphical programming
  • ·JavaScript, Python, Scratch3.0, ALSRobot SuperBlockly
  • ·Strong expansibility

Arduino Series

Arduino Series Learning Kits are your starting point into the world of physical computing. These Kits are crafted specifically for this Processing and Arduino enthusiasts .

  • ·Age 10+
  • ·Software supported on IOS\Android\Windows\web
  • ·C /C++, Scartch 3.0
  • ·ALSRobot APP , Ardublock,ALSRobot SuperBlockly
  • ·Strong expansibility

Raspberry Pi Series

Raspberry Pi Series Kits are the credit-card sized microcomputers, which specially designed for students computer programming.

  • ·Age 10+
  • ·Software supported on IOS\Android\Windows\web
  • ·Python、C/C++、JavaScript、PHP、Scratch
  • ·Python3、Arduino IDE、SuperBlockly、S4A、Scratch、Ardublock
  • ·Strong expansibility

Which one is more suitable for you?

Arduino Series Comparison Table

Item name Arduino QuickStart Learning Kit
Getting Started with Arduino Kit
Design Creation Enhanced
Kit for Arduino
Controller Arduino Arduino Arduino
Basic Module Arduino UNO R3;Electronic Parts Arduino Uno R3 Controller;
Switch module;
Infrared Transmitter, IR Remote Control,
Buzzer,LED RGB,
Replay module,Fan module;
Electronic Parts
Arduino Uno R3 Controller;
Switch module;LED luminous module ,
Infrared Transmitter,
IR Remote Control,
Fan module; Buzzer;
;Electronic Parts
Sensor / PIR , IR Flame,Temperature,
Infrared Receiver, Unidirectional dip ,
PIR , IR Flame,Temperature,
Infrared Receiver, Unidirectional dip ,
Size 16.5cmx5.5cmx11cm
Weight 0.27kg

Micro:bit series Comparison Table

Item name Micro:bit IOT Starter Kit
(Getting started with micro:bit kit)
Micro:bit IOT Development Kit
Electronic Block kit for micro:bit
Controller micro:bit
Power Supply 3.3-24V 6.5v ~ 9V 6.5v ~ 9V
Basic Module Micro:bitcontroller, LED module , button ,
Rotated potentiometer, Buzzer,Servo motor,
Electronic parts
Micro:bit expansion board,Fan motor,
Big button, RGB module,Relay module,
speaker voice,Rotate potentiometer,
Electronic parts
Micro:bitcontroller, LED module ,
Fan motor,Big button,RGB,
Rotate potentiometer
Sensor Temperature Light,Voice,temperature humidity ,
double-ended sensor 3P line
Light ,unidirectional dip , IR obstacle
avoidance, soil moisture , Pyroelectric
sensor 3P line
Size 22.5cmx19cmx8cm 22.5cmx19cmx7.6cm 22.5cmx19cmx8cm
Weight 0.86kg 0.8kg 0.76kg

Raspberry Pi Series Table

Item name Getting Started with Raspberry Pi Kit
Programming Software C,Python,C++,Java,PHP,Scratch,Python3,Arduino IDE,SuperBlockly,S4A,Scratch,Ardublock
Controller Raspberry Pi 3
Power Supply 3.3-24V
Basic Module Power Adapter,LED module , cables,wireless keyboard,portable loudspeaker,breadboard,and other electronic parts
Size 16.5cmx5.5cmx11cm
Weight 2.5kg

Differences between micro:bit, Arduino and Respberry Pi Series
“TOP 3 Mainstream Development Board”

Suitable Students and hobbyists
(Primary school or above)
Students and hobbyists
(Middle school or above)
Makers or enthusiasts
(University or above)
Processor 32 ARM Cortex M0 8-bit microcontroller ATmega328P 64-bit 1.4GHZ quad core
Size 43mm*52mm 53mm*69mm 85mm*56mm
Programming Environment Online programming tools+Local
programming tools
Local programming tools(Arduino IDE) GCC,Python
Programming Language Makecode/Python/Scratch C/C++ C/C++,Python
On-chip component I/O port,Bluetooth,Accelerometer,
Electronic compass,Button,LED
I/O port,LED Bluetooth,WIFI,Mbps,LCD port,
USB,HDMI,Headphone jack
Connection Alligator clip,Expansion board Wire jumper,Expansion board Wire jumper,Expansion board
Voltage 3V 3-5V 3-5V