Pre-sales Contact
Q1. Oversea Sales:
Q3. Marketing Activity:
Q2. China sales:
Making a purchase
Q1. Can I purchase your products online?
Yes. You can visit our online store and choose your products!
Q2. Distributors' participation
If you like ALSRobot products and would like to become a ALSRobot distributor for your local market, please send an email to for understanding relevant procedures and requirements. Please specify your location and include a brief introduction of your company, and a sales representative for your region will contact you.
What's the payment methods we can provide?
Q1. The main Payment method is Paypal
If you have paypal, that is great. You can simply place order and check out with few steps. If you don't have Paypal account, you can register it and pay by credit card.
Q2. We also accept Bank Transfer
Leaving your order ID when you transfer money and sending a copy of bank receipt to our online customer service, will help to release your order soon.
What is the Shipping Time?
Q1. We will ship according to the shipping address you provided within 48h
Please notify us any address change before your order is marked "processing" to avoid parcel loss.
What is the delivery time?
Q1. DHL: usually takes 4-7 days
Q3. EMS: usually takes 10-15 days
Q2. FedEx & UPS: usually takes 5-8 days
Q4. Small Packets Air: usually takes 25-30 days
The weight of the product shall not exceed 1KG
Who is ALSRobot products suitable for?
Q1. Kids, parents, educators, DIY lovers
Q2. Makers and anyone who is interested in robotics or STEAM education
After-sales Contact
Q1. Email:
Q2. Email: