Return & Warranty

1. Refund/Return Policy:
If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you can either return your order for a refund or exchange it for something else. You can return or exchange your purchase for up to 7 days from the purchase date. Returned or exchanged products must be in the condition you received them and in the original box and/or must can be sold again.

2. What are Warranted Items and Respective Warranty Periods?
Product Category                  Warranty Period
Electronic Modules                   12 Months
Servos & Motors                    3 Months
Others (Mechanical parts, consumable parts, batteries, etc.) The Limited Warranty is not applicable. ALSRobot only replaces the defective parts.
Note 1: Certain products may have their own specific warranty regulations. In this case, refer to the product-specific warranty.
Note 2: Consumable parts include but is not limited to screws,  cables.

3. What are Warranty Policies?
(1) Replacement: With respect to any defective product for which ALSRobot has been notified of the defect within seven calendar days from the date of a valid receipt, , at ALSRobot’s discretion, ALSRobot will provide you free of charge a replacement of the same product or a later product with equivalent performance after the defect has been confirmed by ALSRobot. The replaced or refunded item becomes ALSRobot’s property.
(2) Replenishment: If you find out any parts missing from your products within seven calendar days when you sign for a parcel, ALSRobot will ship you the part(s) free of charge after it has been confirmed by ALSRobot.
(3) Free Repairs: During the Warranty Period, if you find any performance issue within the product which is covered by this Limited Warranty, ALSRobot will provide free service to repair or replace defective components after the issue has been confirmed by ALSRobot .
(4) Paid Repairs: Beyond the free maintenance period, ALSRobot will provide paid repair service to the product after the issue has been confirmed by ALSRobot. The cost may vary according to the specific products and the damage level.

4. What is not covered by This Limited Warranty?

This limited warranty does not cover any damage caused by:

(1) any failure of the product due to not matching national standards in the operating environment, including but not limited to overvoltage, overcurrent, lightning, extreme temperature, extreme humidity, vibration.

(2) external causes such as earthquake, fire.

(3) unexpected factors or human behaviors damage the products, such as liquid contact, abuse, oxidation, rust.

(4) failure to follow the product instructions to install, use, maintain, store the product.

(5) unauthorized modification, decomposition, and assembly of the product.

(6) transportation or storage damaged the product when the purchaser ships the product back to ALSRobot.

(7) including but not limited to other non-design, technical, manufacture, quality issues.

 This Limited Warranty does not cover the product outside of the replacement and Warranty Period.

5.Special Notes:

(1) The packing of the product, free gifts, consumable parts, and mechanical parts are not covered by this Limited Warranty. If you find any damage upon receiving, ALSRobot will provide you with a free replacement. Please check the product condition after the receipt thereof.

(2) No warranty issued by an authorized distributor is covered by this warranty policy, and ALSRobot shall not be held liable. In order to receive any benefits from the distributor’s warranty and/or other policies, please keep any documents obtained during the purchase.

(3) If you purchase the product through an authorized distributor, please contact the distributor’s customer service first.

(4) The “Replacement/Warranty Period” starts from the date of the receipt.

(5) Regarding the repaired or replaced product, it shall be warranted for 1 month after the date ALSRobot shipped it. If the original product remaining Warranty Period is more than 1 month, the original Warranty Period applies.

(6) The Limited Warranty does not apply to products that were resold by unauthorized resellers.

6.Notices to Customer Service:
(1) If your product has failed or malfunctioned, you can apply for replacement/repair service with your receipt, invoice or other relevant proof of purchase, at the place where you purchased the product. The authorized distributors could assist their customers to apply for replacement/repair service at ALSRobot. When you cannot contact your distributor, please contact  the customer service at ALSRobot headquarters.
(2) During the Warranty Period, ALSRobot will cover shipping cost for any product which is eligible for free repairs. Regarding the products for which the Warranty Period has expired, ALSRobot also provides technical support. Limited maintenance with customer bearing all related cost (freight, maintenance cost, customs tax and so on) will be provided based on ALSRobot’s analysis of the product(s).

Attention 1: Power modules are consumable parts, so they are not applicable to Free Repairs. Users could simply purchase new power modules to replace the damages during use.
Attention 2: For other related warranty terms, please send us all the details include the picture and video to our after-sale email  ( & directly, we will help you solve  in 3days.
Attention 3 If it is not product quality problem, shipping fee should be paid by your party.
Attention 4: For distributor, refund and replacement policy refers to the distribution contacts concluded between ALSRobot and the distributor.