LM35 Temperature Sensor

Description: The LM35 Linear Temperature Sensor is based on the semiconductor LM35 temperature&nb..


Mini IR Line Tracking Sensor

Introduction: It is designed for line sensing applications and comprised of two parts - an IR emi..


Mini USB Microphone for PC laptop Desktop Studio Microphone with Stand

Description: Whether you're the host of a popular podcast, the leader of your guild in World of War..


MQ-2 Gas Sensor for Arduino

Description: The  MQ -2 series gas sensor is designed to meet the market demands. This brick..


N20 Fan motor module for Arduino DIY robot educational sensor

Description:The fan motor module from ALSRobot, wiring simple, easy to operate, by 3 p sensor cable ..


Parallax PING))) Ultrasonic Sensor

Description: Parallax's PING))) Ultrasonic Sensor provides a very low-cost and easy method of dista..


PicoBoard Scratch Programming Board

Description: The PicoBoard is producted by ALSRobot, This product can be used with Scratch,It&nbs..


Piezo Vibration Sensor-Large with

Description:  This basic piezo sensor from Measurement Specialties is often used for flex, tou..


PM2.5 sensor laser dust sensor anti-smog air quality detector for Arduino Programming

Description:Fine particulate matter, also known as fine particles, fine particles, PM2.5.Fine partic..


Pololu IR Beacon Transceiver Pair

Description: The Pololu IR beacon is a compact board that is used in pairs to allow robots to locat..


RB URF02 ultrasonic sensor

Description: This URF02 Ultrasonic Sensor is researched and produced by ALSRobot.The RB URF02 Ultra..


Relay Module for Arduino Uno R3 Controller

Description: The relay module is a separate hardware device used for remote device switching. With ..


RGB LED Module for Arduino Uno Rev3 Controller

Description: RGB LED module is composed of four WS2812 RGB LED.Controlled by single-chip mic..


RGB Serial Control Moulde

Discription:RGB Serial Control Mould from Alsrobot is the RGB mould based on P9813 full-color LED dr..


RTC Clock Module

Description:A new RTC clock module from Alsrobot is the sensor which based on clock chip DS1307 with..


SD Read-Write Module for Arduino Controller

Description: This SD card shield is a Break out board for standard SD card. It allows you to add ma..


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