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Sparkfun PicoBoard Scratch Programming Board

Description: The PicoBoard allows you to create interactions with various sensors. Usin...

Wheel Encoder Set for AS-4WD Mobile Car

Description: This quadrate encoder board is designed to hold two infrared reflectance sen...

Electronic Potentiometer Analog Slide Position Sensor

Description: This slide potentiometer is a linear variable resistor with a total resistan...

Soil Moisture Sensor Arduino Compatible

Introduction: The soil moisture sensor can read the amount of moisture present in the s...
$4.80 $2.40

G1/2 Water Flow Sensor

Description: Water flow sensor consists of a plastic valve body, a water rotor, and a h...

MQ-3 Gas Sensor(ethanol)

Description: This alcohol sensor is suitable for detecting alcohol concentration on your ...
$7.90 $6.35

Mini IR Detector Photoelectric Sensor

Description: This Mini IR Detector sensor module  is researched and produced by AL...
$9.00 $7.20