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3 in1 Solar Robot Educational Robot

Description: The 3-in-1 Solar Robot Kit is great edutainment for ages 10 to infinity and ...

6in1 Solar Conversion Equipment

Description: Teach children the benefits of solar energy while they create a toy that is ...

6in1 Solar Machinery and Equipment

Description: The 6 In 1 Solar Machinery and equipment can teach children the benefits of ...

Acrylic Raspberry Pi B+ Enclosure B+ Case-Clear

Description: The Raspberry Pi Model B+ is the new favorite of development platforms, so t...

Getting Started with Raspberry Pi Kit-Raspberry Pi B

Description: This Getting Started Kit with Raspberry Pi contains most you need to get sta...

Hitec HSR-8498HB Servo Motor

Description: The HSR-8498HB from Hitec was custom designed for the popular ROBONOVA-1 rob...

I-Racer Car Robot Kit

Description: This simple, two-wheel drive chassis has a rack-and-pinion style steering me...

NiMH Battery Charger

Description: NiMH battery is amongst the hardest batteries to charge. Whereas with lithiu...

Raspberry Pi - Model B+ Enclosure (Black)

Description: The Raspberry Pi Model B+ is THE new favorite of development platforms, so t...

Robot Wall-E--Small

Description: WALL-E is an ordinary robot who is made to clean up a waste-covered Earth fa...

Tomy I-SOBOT Robot Humanoid Robot

Description: i-SOBOTOnly 165mm(6.5 inches) tall,The World's Smallest Humanoid Robot in Pr...

Wall Adapter Power Supply7.5V/800mA

Description: This high-quality AC-to-DC converter produces a regulated voltage output by ...