N20 Fan motor module for Arduino DIY robot educational sensor

Description:The fan motor module from ALSRobot, wiring simple, easy to operate, by 3 p sensor cable ..


PicoBoard Scratch Programming Board

Description: The PicoBoard is producted by ALSRobot, This product can be used with Scratch,It&nbs..


Dobi intelligent robot 17-DOF humanoid robot block programming robot kit

Description:ALSRobot launched the latest 17-DOF Dobi humanoid robot, it is our friend and family&nbs..


micro:bit Club Development Board Programme Starter 10pcs kit

Description:The MB224-CN from Element14 is a micro:bit club single board computer. It is perfect for..

$195.00 $246.50

ALSRobot Quick Start Kit for Arduino Uno R3 Programming STEAM Education

Description:This ALSRobot QuickStart Programming Kit is exclusive research and development by Harbin..


DRV8833 Dual-circuit Motor Driver Module for Arduino L298 Dual-H bridge

Description:ALSRobot launches the newest DRV8833 dual-circuit motor driver module ,it uses a DRV8833..


The injection molding case for Raspberry Pi Zero and Zero W controller

Description:This injection molding case for Raspberry Pi Zero/Zero ,which is designed to be up and d..


Getting Started with micro:bit kit Javascript Python Programming STEM Education

Description:Getting started with micro:bit kit is from Alsrobot designing based on micr:bit controll..


Getting Started with Raspberry Pi 3 Programming Development Kit Module B Controller

Description:Raspberry Pi is a credit-card sized microcomputer, is specially designed for students co..


Getting Started with Arduino Kit for Education Starter Kits

Description: Getting Started with Arduino kit has been updated by Harbin Alseon Robotics Tec..


ALSRobot Design Creation Enhanced Kit for Arduino (More than 17 Lessons)

Description: Alsrobot is one of the Leading company in China of design ,development of arduino, 3..


APP Remote Control Toy Educational ZinnoBot Intelligent Programming Robot Kit for Kids

Description:ZinnoBot is an entry-level educational robot DIY kit,Through the combination of differen..


Raspberry pi 3 SAKS for RPi GPIO V2.0 Version

Description:The SAKS for RPi is a series of carefully constructed, multi-functional extensions for t..


ALSRobot micro:bit Motor Driver Shield Development Board for Programming

Description:The micro:bit Motor Driver Shieldis developed by ALSRobot, which is specially designed f..


Raspberry Pi HIFiBoxDAC Shield Expansion Board

Description:The raspberry pi HIFiBoxDAC expansion board integrates the TI company's professional aud..


BBC Micro:bit Development Board Acrylic Case Kit

DescriptionAlsrobot introduce an Acrylic case for Micro:bit Development Board, easy assembling and n..


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