BBC Micro:bit Development Board Acrylic Case Kit

DescriptionAlsrobot introduce an Acrylic case for Micro:bit Development Board, easy assembling and n..


Gearduino Controller Dual Drive DC Motor Drive for Arduino

Description:GearDuino controller is designed by ALSRobot, which is for the robot lovers developed a ..


10P Jumper Breadboard Wire DuPont line Color Cable Male to Female 21CM

Description: 21cm Male to Female 10P jumper breadboard wire DuPont line Cable, for connecting di..


Raspberry Pi Zero W Board 1GHz CPU 512MB RAM with Built-in WIFI & Bluetooth RPI 0 W

Description:Raspberry Pi Zero W, for short RPi Zero W,it is new coming from Raspberry Pi family, wit..


DC Sucked Electromagnet Module DC 5V Electromagnet Sensor IKG

Description:Electromagnet is a magnet which generates magnetic field by current, which can produce s..


2.4G Mini Wireless Keyboard and Mouse with Touchpad for Rasperry Pi

Description:The Mini Wireless Keyboard was added to the innovative function of the mouse wheel,when ..


A4988 Stepper Motor Driving Module For Arduino Controller

Description:A4988 stepper motor driving module is an easy-to-use professional stepper motor driver. ..


BBC micro:bit Go starter kit

Description:Micro:bit(BBC micro:bit),micro:bit is a pocket-sized microcontroller designed for kids a..


Arduino Nano Micro Controller

Description:The Arduino Nano is a small version of the Arduino UNO with a breadboard-friendly form f..


WiFi Module (ESP-07)

Description:WiFi Module(ESP-07) is a module which carry ESP8266-07 and a low-power UART - WiFi trans..


Makey Makey-Standard Version

Description:With a circuit board, a few wires, and a USB port for connecting to your computer, you c..


IIC Touch Sensor

Description:A new IIC Touch Sensor is also named 12 circuits capacitive touch sensor. I2C touch sens..


9-Axis Attitude Detection Sensor(MPU-9150 Module)

Description:9 Axis Attitude Detection Sensor is developed based on MPU-9150. The MPU-9150 is a chip ..


LED Bargraph Module

Description:The simulated LED Bargraph module is a new voltage indicator module from Alsrobot. The a..


ADXL335 Triaxial Acceleration Module

Description:Triaxial Acceleration Module from Alsrobot is based on the basic principle of accelerati..


E-compass Sensor HMC5883L Module of Digital Compass

Description:A new E-compass also named digital compass from Alsrobot is widespread used as navigatin..


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