•  Breadboard Jumper Wire Kit(Box)

Breadboard Jumper Wire Kit(Box)

  • Brand: ALSRobot
  • Product Code: RB-06L002
  • Availability: 99
  • Sales Volume: 29
  • $4.60

Tags: Wire, Cable, Jumper Wire, ALSRobot, Arduino, Sparkfun, Pololu, Raspberry Pi, Microcontroller, Robotics Kit, Sensor, Picoboard, Scratch

This is 3M styles jumper wires. Wires are solid, tinned copper; PVC insulated, stripped 1/4" and bent 90 degree on both ends for easy insertion. Available in 14 different lengths and 140 units.


  • 140 color-code insulated jumper wires
  • Includes 10 pieces each of 14 different lengths
  • Each jumper wire is pre-stripped and pre-formed
  • Solderless
  • Both ends of each jumper are stripped 0.25" and bent 90 degrees
  • Snap-shut storage box

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