7-Segment Display LED

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Product Code: RB-08E052
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7-Segment Display LED is a semiconductor lighten component,light  emitting diode (LED) is basic part.it is produced by ASLRobotBase,ASLRobotBase adopted a diversified business model,including research and development,production,sales. Our products are ranged from mechanical, electronic products, communications, sensors, robot parts and other related products. Besides, Our company own many of our units from independent electronic shopping network, robot base , Taobao, Alibaba, Aliexpress, and blog, community website. We can provide customized order and order services according to your request.At present, our company agent robot and electronic products of Parallax, Sparkfun, Pololu, Acroname, Arduino , Robotshop ,Robotis, Tamiya, GWS, and other well-known brands.


  • Current:when status is steady, suggest using 10-15mA,when satus is trends and 16/1 mobile scanning,average current 4-5mA  forward current 50-60mA.
  • Voltage:check the pin configuration chart,look how many chip it have each segment?when it's red,use 1.9v multiply by quantity of each chip series.when it's green,2.1v multiply by quantity of each chip series.

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