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ALSROBOT pushed out the LED Bar lastest,the LED Bar is made of one  10 bars of LED and 1piece of LED controller chip MY9221.the module adopted Zedoary process,is more beautiful,it also adopted preventing to insert another side interface,operation is more safely,there is a capital letter"I",which stand for IIC protocol communication,it becomes the reality,you can control the LED bar only by 2 IO interface,there is a LED icon logo.The LED bar can be used in battery remaining power, water level dispaly,Music rhythm and other display graded,the colors of 10bars LED is 1bar red,1bar yellow,and 8bar common green.


  • 1.Product Name:LED Bar
  • 2.Product Number:RB-05L022
  • 3.Working Voltage:3.3V/5V
  • 4.Interface Type :Digital Input
  • 5.Dimension:40mm x 25mm
  • 6.Weight:6g
  • 7.Communication Protocol:IIC 84.

Pin Definitions:

  • (1) SCL:IIC Clock Signal Pin
  • (2) SDA:IIC Data Signal Pin
  • (3) -:GND
  • (4) +:VCC

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