ALSRobot micro:bit Motor Driver Shield v3.1 Development Board for Javascript Python Programming

  • Brand: ALSRobot
  • Product Code: RB-01C139D
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micro :bit motor driver shield v3.1 is another version of microbit motor driver shield from ALSRobot. micro :bit motor driver shield v3.0 board loaded with RGB LED, buzzer, headphone jack and two-channel dc motor driver, in which the headphone jack can be external to the speaker box and can be switched between the headphone jack and buzzer by selecting switch.micro :bit the IO interface of the v3.0 motor driver shield is introduced with 3P sensor interface, which is convenient to connect other functional modules. Among them, P8, P11 and P12 interfaces can also drive the steering gear.With micro:bit motor driver shield, you can more easily play the powerful function of micro:bit and more easily build interactive works, which will turn your fantastic ideas and strange ideas into reality.


  • Item name: micro:bit motor driver shield v3.1     
  • Item Code: RB-01C139D   
  • Brand: ALSRobot   
  • Place of origin: China   
  • Size: 72mm*84mm 
  • Packaging: anti-static bag
  • Fixed hole: M4*4
  • Power Supply:External DC power supply
  • Working Voltage:6.5-10.5V(Working) 6.5-15V(not work)
  • Input Voltage(Recommend):7.4V
  • Input Voltage(Limitation):10.8V
  • Outpit Voltage:5V 3.3V
  • Digital Interface, 3V Power supply:P1,P2
  • Digital Interface, 5V  Power supply,drive servo :P8,P11,P12
  • Analog Interface:P1,P2
  • Extension interface:IIC interface;Ultrasonic module interface P11, P12
  • RGB colored lights control: P5
  • Buzzer control/headphone port driver: P0
  • Motor control: P13, P14, P15,P16
  • Indicator light: power indicator ligh
  • Motor driver chip: DRV8833
  • Motor driver current: up to 1.5a per circuit



micro :bit motor driver shield v3.1 interface clear


micro :bit motor driver shield v3.1 connect with micro:bit controller and DC motor

Motor drive:

PWM Control Motor Speed: 

Experimental Procedure:

Connection Method with micro:bit controller and DC motor:

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