ALSRobot Breadboard Prototype Shield For micro:bit STEM Educational Programming

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The micro:bit Prototyping Shield is developed by ALSRobot R&D team for micro:bit programming and electronic enthusiasts, and it also has an expansion board for programming learning and electronic knowledge learning.

The micro:bit controller has a small size and a small pin pitch, which makes it difficult for a learner to build an extension circuit. Through the micro:bit prototyping board, all pins of micro:bit can be led out through the row socket, and with a rich power output interface. At the same time, the micro:bit prototyping shield also has a small breadboard on board. You can use discrete components to build circuits directly on top of it and learn more about electronics and circuit knowledge while learning programming.

For the micro:bit prototype expansion board, the ALSRobot robotics team also introduced the micro:bit getting starter kit and related online courses. It is a true zero-based entry point for you to enjoy learning.

-- Power supply: external DC power supply or USB power supply
-- Input voltage: select 6-24V or 3.6V-6V
--Power connector:
a. VIN: 6-24V input
b. VCC: 3.6V-6V input
--Digital interface: P0~P20.
When connecting to an external power supply, select the VIN port and VCC port according to the voltage value of the external power supply. If the voltage is higher than 6V, select the VIN port. If the voltage is less than 6V, select the VCC port. When using VCC port power supply, the red power supply output row VIN and 5V no voltage output, 3.3V voltage output; when using the VIN port power supply, the red power output row VIN and the power supply voltage is the same, 5V and 3.3V All have voltage output.

The expansion board can also be directly powered by the micro:bit. After the microbit is connected to the expansion board, the micro:bit can be powered through the USB interface or the power interface. For details, see how to use the micro:bit. When this mode is selected for power supply, the VIN and 5V output of the red power supply output row is voltage-free, and 3.3V has a voltage output.

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