DC Sucked Electromagnet Module DC 5V Electromagnet Sensor IKG

  • Brand: ALSRobot
  • Product Code: RB-02S122
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Tags: Sensor, DC Sucked, Electromagnet Module, Alsrobot, Arduino, Pololu, Sparkfun

Electromagnet is a magnet which generates magnetic field by current, which can produce strong adsorption power in the current state.It can be installed in the device to stop or move the adsorbed object.Electromagnets can continuously adsorb 1 kilogram of iron magnets.The electromagnet module is simple to use,the power magnet can be on-off by controlling the high-low level of the signal line.


  • Item name: DC Sucked Electromagnet Module
  • Item No.: RB-02S122
  • Fixing holes: 33mm*18mm
  • Interface type: 3P anti-plug interface
  • Signal type: digital signal
  • Operating Voltage: DC5V
  • Operating Current: 400mA
  • PIN:
    S: Signal
  • Connection line: 3P sensor connection line, Dupont line
  • Operating temperature: -20 to 80℃
  • Loading weight: 1KG
  • Size: 40mm*26mm*22mm
  • Package: antistatic bag
  • Weight: 24g

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