ALSRobot micro:bit Motor Driver Shield Development Board for Programming

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The micro:bit Motor Driver Shieldis developed by ALSRobot, which is specially designed for the function extension of the micro:bit controller.Micro: bit motor driver shield onboard RGB LED, buzzer and dual dc motor driver, and the micro: bit IO interface in 3 p sensor interface derivation, connect to othermodules conveniently, there are two IO interfaces also has the function of voltage choose , can drive Servos easily.With micro:bit motor drive the expansion board, you can play the powerful function of micro: bit more easily, build interactive works more easily, turn your creative ideas and eccentric ideas into reality.


Products Name: micro:bit Motor Driver Shield


Power Supply: External DC Power Supply

Working Voltage:6-10.8V

Input Voltage(Recommend):7.4V

Input Voltage(Extremity):10.8V

Output Voltage:5V 3.3V

Digital Interface(PWM Output Interface):P1,P2,P5,P8,P11,P12

Analog Interface:P1,P2

Extension Interface: IIC interface;Ultrasonic module interface P11, P12.

RGB Color Control: P2.

Buzzer Control: P0.

Motor Control: P13, P14, P15, P16.

Indicator Light: power indicator light.

Motor Driver Chip: DRV8833.

Motor Driver Current: up to 1.5a per road.

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