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The 18DOF Modular robot is an ideal platform for learning about robotics. After the user gains experience with the kit, they can add extra components or Innovati Peripheral Modules to develop more complex and interesting applications. It is designed for novice users who may not have had any engineering or programming experience.

These modules are specially designed to work with the basic commander and possess their own individual functions.

This kit also includes the motion editor for creating motion patterns to load into the robot.

These features combine to provide a system that is not only suitable for entry level users as a means to quickly cross the microcontroller design threshold, but also as a system for professionals to quickly develop high level microcontroller applications.

Packing List:

  • 1x robot (unassembled)
  • 1x 24 pin BASIC Commander microcontroller
  • 2x Servo Runner A peripheral modules
  • 1x Command Board peripheral module
  • 1x cable (USB)
  • 1x battery (cell, 6V 4000mAh NiMH for robot).
  • 1x battery charger (input: AV100-220V/0.3A, output: DC13V, 400mA)
  • 1x power adaptor (input: AC100-240V, output: DC6.6V/8A)


  • CM-510 (Main Controller): 1 piece
  • CPU: ATMEGA 2561
  • Internal I/O Device: 6 buttons, Mic, Temperature sensor, and Voltage Sensor are included
  • Expertal I/O Device: GP I/O & 6 of 5P I/O port for analog sensor
  • installation AX-Series Dinamixel connector: 5 pieces
  • Mode Display & AUX LED
  • Robot Exclusive Servo Dynamixel(AX-12+): 18 pieces
  • 2-spindle Gyro Sensor: 1 piece
  • DMS Sensor: 1 piece
  • IR sensors: 2 pieces
  • RC-100(Remote Controller): 1 piece
  • Skin Set for Humanoid
  • Li-Po Battery (11.1V, 1000mA/PCM) : 1 piece
  • Battery Charger
  • USB2Dynamixel
  • Quick Start Book (3-types of humanoid robot examples are provided)
  • Screw Driver, Cable Holder
  • RoboPlus CD

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