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Metal Fighter Robots - a fascinating new world which you can now experience at first-hand. With the help of detailed step-by-step instructions you assemble the kit components to produce a working humanoid robot of the kind only usually found in universities and research institutes. The set includes all the software required to allow you to bring the robot to purposeful life - even if you are a complete beginner.

Robotics for the beginner.
The robot is great fun - and the fun starts immediately
No special computer knowledge or programming experience required
Catch & Play - move the robot and click: and you have produced the first movement!

Carefully matched:

  • The kit contains all the components required to operate this high-tech robot
  • Carefully matched mechanical systems and software


  • The ATMEL ATMega 128 microcontroller features ample performance reserves for a wide range of expansions
  • The mechanical system is of modular construction, and can be extended to cater for future applications
  • Can be considered as an open development platform


  • Devantech SRF04 Sonar(optional)
  • SRF08/SRF10 Sonar(by Softwareemulation, optional)
  • Pyro-Temperature sensor Array TPA81(by Softwareemulation, optional)
  • Gyro : e.g. GWS PG-03 (optional)
  • RC Receiver(at least 4ch., optional)
  • IR sensor included etc.

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