ALSRobot mico:bit GPIO Shield Development Board for mico:bit

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Brand: ALSRobot

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The mico:bit GPIO shield was developed specifically for the edge pin extension of the mico:bit controller. Beginners use micro:bit to start the experiment by connecting the 3V, GND, P0, P1, and P2 pins on the micro:bit from the alligator clip. 

With the deepening of learning, these pins have been unable to meet the needs of learners, and other pins are too narrow to make them extremely troublesome. In response to this problem, the micro:bit GPIO shield leads out the independent pins of the micro:bit edge (excluding the LED matrix drive pins). And set up a row of standard 2.54mm pitch pins, it can make a foundation for beginners to learn more.


  • Item Name: mico:bit GPIO shield
  • SKU: RB-01C151
  • Brand: ALSRobot
  • Fixed Hole: M4*4
  • Working Voltage: 3.3v
  • PIN: 3V & GND
  • Signal Interface: P5 P8 P11 P12 P13 P14 P15 P16
  • Digital Interface: P0 P1 P2
  • IIC Interface: P19 P20
  • Power Supply Mode: Indirect power supply via USB or power supply interface on microbit or power supply via “3V” and “GND” interface on the expansion board

  • Appication:

    As shown in the figure: After connecting the shield, buzzer and battery, the program is downloaded for micro:bit, and the buzzer will emit the music of “Little Star”.

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