CooCoo intelligent robot programming ATmega328 controller for STEM 2WD obstacle avoidance platform car

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The newest CooCoo intelligent robot programming controller from ALSRobot,which is designed for CooCoo education programming mobile robot developed A multi-functional practical controller, its onboard two-way dc drive, simulation interface, digital interface, buttons, buzzer, RGB lights and infrared receiving bluetooth, and other functions, the controller also has two dc motor driver interface, can be driven by two dc motors, drive current of 1.5 A, at the same time CooCoo controller board 4 RJ11 sensor interfaces, use RJ11 right button A cable can be connected directly to all types of sensors,Make it easier to create your own CooCoo  car.


  • Product name: CooCoo intelligent robot programming controller
  • Item code: RB-01C144
  • Brand: ALSRobot
  • Place of origin: China
  • Size: 74mm×90mm(±0.3mm)
  • Packaging: anti-static bag
  • Fixed holes: M4*4
  • Input voltage: dc3.7-4.2v
  • Working current: <2A
  • Controller processor: ATmega328P
  • Operating temperature range: - 10 ℃ ~ + 70 ℃
  • External sensor interface: RJ25 right button crystal interface
  • Program download interface :USB Type B (the controller needs to receive battery power when downloading the program)


Position 1 :USB port

Position 2: external port 4, pin A0, A1

Position 3: external port 3, pin A2, A3

Position 4: motor M2 interface, direction control digital D7 pin, speed control digital D6 pin

Position 5: infrared receiver, digital pin D8

Position 6: buzzer, digital pin D12

Position 7: RGB lights, digital pin D13

Position 8: motor M1 interface, direction control digital pin D4, speed control digital pin D5

Position 9: external port 2, pin D9,D10

Position 10: external port 1, pin D2, D3

Position 11: external bluetooth socket

Position 12: reset button

Position 13: power switch

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