micro:bit IoT development STEM education programming kit

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micro:bit development kit is an interesting, easy-to-use, safe and easy-to-use iot starter kit designed to help teenagers easily access and understand the iot mechanism.

Product Superiority:

  • Environmental and physical monitoring sensors, as well as user interface modules, such as switches, can implement some wearable and smart home applications
  • A wealth of instructional guides, a series of course documents, and trial projects
  • Expandable and rich sensor
  • Repeatable construction and use


  • Programming platform: JavaScript module editor, Python editor, Scratch3.0, ALSRobot Code
  • Programming language: makecode online graphical, microPython, Scratch graphical language, etc
  • Main controller: micro:bit
  • Wireless communication: bluetooth, radio
  • Power supply: DC direct current, battery or micro:bit power supply
  • Power supply voltage: 6.5v ~ 9V
  • Extension interface: KF2510 anti-plug anti-reverse interface
  • Product size: 225mm*190mm*76mm

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