Electronic block kit for micro:bit STEM programming education kit

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Electronic block kit for micro:bit is based on micro: bit controller principle design, including many sections specially designed for beginners vivid and simple electronic application test.the colorful pictures can be intuitive example code parsing, and micro:bit controller can support square/Javascript two languages, sensor blocks also no longer need to welding or jump line connection, make the test set up much easier and more convenient, also make sensors equipped with lego base building blocks easily into your lego works, greatly increased the experiment a lot of fun, make micro:bit achieve unlimited possibilities by limited sensor building blocks.


  • 1* micro:bit
  • 1* Battery Holder 5*AAA
  • 1* Micro USB Cable
  • 1* micro:bit Sensor Shield
  • 1* LED Module(Red)
  • 1* LED Module(Green)
  • 1* LED Module(Yellow)
  • 1* Fan Module
  • 3* Button Module
  • 1* Rotation Sensor
  • 1* Light Sensor
  • 2* Digital Tilt Sensor
  • 1* Mini IR Detector Photoelectric Sensor
  • 1* Moisture Sensor
  • 2* Line Tracking Sensor
  • 1* PIR Sensor
  • 1* LM35 Temperature Sensor
  • 10* 3P Line
  • 1* micro:bit Case
  • 1* micro:bit Sensor Shield Case
  • 13* Electronic Module Logo Small Base(Yellow)
  • 4* Electronic Module Logo Small Base(Purple) 

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