Triple Axis Accelerometer ADXL345

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The Newest Arduino ADXL345 Triple Axis Accelerometer is produced by ALSRobot,which adopts ADXL345 Chip,the chip use MEMS technology,with the SPI and IIC digital output function,the chip is samall and thin,low power dissipation,changeable range,High-resolution.boundary dimension is only 3mm×5mm×1mm,it equals to the 1/3 of the little finger's fingernails;when the voltage VS=2.5V,power current is about 25~130μA,which is lower than ADXL330.
ADXL345 is suited to apply to the mobile devices,which can detect the static acceleration of gravity and dynamic acceleration of gravity.


  • Item Name:ADXL345 Triple Axis Accelerometer
  • Item Code:RB-02S110
  • Working Voltage:3V-5V 
  • Interface Type:IIC Interface 
  • Output Signal:Digital Signal 
  • Dimensions:30mm x 25mm 
  • Fixed Orifice Dimestion:23mm x 18mm 
  • Weight:4g 
  • Pin Definitions:


+:Power Anode

SDA:IIC Interface Clock End

SCL:IIC Interface Data End

2.3 PVC Trunking Application

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