STEAM Education Kit

STEAM Education Kit includes programmable cars and electronic stickers to let you quickly
find suitable STEAM learning/education/entertainment tools.



iOS & Android

Graphical programming

Software on Windows & Mac OS


Arduino support

Cruise Bit

JavaScript Blocks Editor

Python Editor

Joybit Controller

Open source hardware

Zinno Bot

Graphical programming

Controlling software

On iOS & Android

Scratch & C++

Programming Software

Arduino & blockly


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Electronic Learning kit

Electronic Learning Kit is an entry-level electronic learning kit designed for hobbyists who are
particularly interested in electronic products.

Arduino Series

Divided into thee grades
All are equipped with application drawings
Detailed experimental instructions, with functional notes of the example program
Special for Arduino beginners

Micro:bit Series

BBC designs for teenagers programming education
Graphic programming
Multiple programming electronic modules
No wire or jumper connection required
Compatible with lego

Raspberry Pi Series

Designed for student programming education
strong video & audio function
make your own mini computer with Raspberry Pi
All kinds of programming software are built-in

IoT Inventor Pack

Electronic building blocks composed of
electronic modules combined with the base
of lego blocks by the micro:bit controller

  • Open Source Hardware
  • Obstacle avoidance & Line patrol
  • Simple to assemble and build at will
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It consists of the controller, sensors and mechanical parts, which can exercise user’s ability,
also can develop imagination and creativity.

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DIY Kits & Parts


Different forms of models shaped by simply assembly and constructed.

Expand 16 forms in 1

Creatively build composite accessories in container

Mechanical parts, sensors ,controllers are combined

Starduino controller , support Arduino, C++ ,PHP,Java ,Scratch etc. main programming

Mechanical components

Include structural components ,servo, power supply unit and wire.

Free combination shape

Include analog, digital, input and output types

Programming optional

Can complete complex structure & function

Electronic Modules

Include the controllers, display modules,
communication modules and more than 50 sensors

Infrared sensors

Temperature and humidity sensors

Color sensors

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ALSRobot makes children learn programming and improve their logical analysis ability with simpler way.


graphical programming

match with CooCoo or ZinnoBot

unique emotion panel and free to edit

CooCoo Town

graphical programming

strong interactivity and adaptability

diversified game mode

support CooCoo and CooCoo expansion pack

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