Raspberry Pi B+ Enclosure RasPi Case-Clear

  • Brand: ALSRobot
  • Product Code: RB-09M180
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The Raspberry Pi Model B+ is THE new favorite of development platforms, so the last thing that you’d want is for something bad to happen to it.This Raspberry Pi B+ Enclosure is produced by ALSRobotBase (Harbin Alseon Robotics Technology Co.,Ltd). Raspberry Pi B+ Enclosure is an integrated Case, It can be divided into upper and lower covers,Equipped with the screws and bottom case anti-skid pads, The most important is the smooth surface and perfect design.
This Raspberry Pi B+ Enclosure is really easy to operate, Simply open the top and bottom cover, fitted on the Raspberry Pi B+ controller, then tighten the screws, last Paste the anti-skid pads, It can protect your favorite controller.
The enclosure provides slots to access the GPIO header, USB ports, Ethernet, microSD card, HMDI, 3.5mm jack, All of the status LEDs on the Pi are visible through the case thanks to tunnel recesses embedded in the design and the two piece case can be taken apart without unplugging any cables. This is a really slick case and once you’ve gotten your hands on a Raspberry Pi, you’ll want to snag one of these to put it in!

Note: This case does NOT include a Raspberry Pi Model B+.


  • Item Name: Raspberry Pi - Model B+ Enclosure (Clear)
  • Item No.: RB-09M180
  • Item Color:Clear
  • Material:Acrylic
  • Manufacture:China
  • Weight: 36 g
  • Dimensions: 93.4mm x 62.7mm x 31.1mm

Picking List:

  • 1 x top plate
  • 1 x base plate
  • 4 x screw
  • 4 x anti-skid pads


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