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Arduino WorkShop is the latest research and development by ALSRobot for the Arduino funs,it is the best choice of getting started with Arduino Kit.The Arduino WorkShop Kit is completely match the professional book"Arduino WorkShop",we are winnowed 17 experiments for Arduino bdginner,education, learning and introductory workshops use. We know that practice is the sole criterion for testing truth, just look do not practice very difficult to master.
The Arduino WorkShop Kit according to the degree of difficulty in ascending order, designed to allow learners to grasp the emotional approach to the concept of basic electronics and more knowledge and experience around Arduino. The experiments includ learning to control LED, buzzer, making temperature gauge, LED matrix display animation, how to control motors and other learners to fully experience the mystery Arduino. It is not only include education CD, also equipped with "Arduino WorkShop",will be the accelerator on you learning! Arduino WorkShop Kit carefully integrates 65 Arduino works, from the easier to the more advanced,inorder to allow the reader to the emotional way to acquire more knowledge and experience.

Experiment List:(Match the Arduino WorkShop Book)

  • Production 1: Make a flashing LED wave
  • Production 4: Digital input Demo
  • Production 5: Control Traffic
  • Production 6: Make a single battery tester
  • Production 7: Try buzzer
  • Production 8: Make an easily read thermometer
  • Production 11: Make a quick reading thermometer
  • Production 15: Make an electronic dice
  • Production 16: Make an LED display binary
  • Production 18: Make a single digit display
  • Production 19: Control two 7-segment digital tube
  • Production 20: Make a digital thermometer
  • Production 21: Make a LED matrix
  • Production 22: Create an image on the LED matrix
  • Production 23: The image displayed on the LED matrix
  • Production 24: Movies on LED matrix display
  • Production 38: Make a pointer thermometer
  • Production 39: Motor Control

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