AS-ZCV1.1 ALSRobotBase Multi-Fonction PCB Ruler

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PCB means printed circuit board, It is the support of electronic components, Electronic enthusiasts need a measuring tool which can be a collection of all necessary functions  in the design process.
This Multi-Fonction PCB Ruler is producted by ALSRobotBase, In addition to measuring millimeter and inch size, It also integrates related information of PCB design, Such as protractor, device, IC lead pitch comparison table, resistance and capacitance SMD package, common reference hole diameter, width size reference. We printed all these info on gold-plated PCB FR-4.

Positive Specification:

  • Measuring length: 20 cm
  • Measuring length: 7.8 inches
  • Common IC package: (1) SSOP16  (2) QFN32  (3) SOP16  (4) TSSOP2  (5) QFP32
  • Common Borehole Diameter Reference Ruler

Back Specification:

  • Common feature size reference (Unit: mil)
  • Common reference borehole diameter size (unit: mm)
  • Popular resistance and capacitance SMD package: (1) 0402  (2) 0603  (3) 0805  (4) 1206  (5) 1210  (6) 1812
  • 180-degree angle measurement
  • Common MOS, invertertransistor package: (1) SOT23 (2) SOT89 (3) SOT25 (4) SSOP8
  • Devices, IC lead pitch comparison table: (1) 0.5mm (2) 0.635mm (3) 0.65mm (4) 0.8mm (5) 1.0mm (6) 1.27mm (7) 2.0mm (8) 2.54mm

Shipping List:

  • 1 x ALSRobotBase Multi-Fonction PCB Ruler

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