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  • Before produce extruding filament, we will dry PLA for a enough time (3-5 hours).
  • Mix with colors masterbatch or colors powder, all which .certified with ROHS.
  • Adjust temperature and dragging rate , make filament diameter range at 1.6-1.8mm/2.9-3.0mm, roundness +/-0.05mm, each spool net weight 1kg+/-0.05kg
  • We put all filament spool in shelf, different kind in different shelf, all categories arrange orderly.


  • We have diameter laser detect kits to control extruding rate on line, when diameter smaller or higher than accept range, the laser detect kits will adjust the extruding rate higher or smaller to make diameter range at acceptable.
  • Keep each record filament samples sent to customers, build a tracking able document.
  • When the filament put on shelf longer than half a year, we will dry the filament again.


  • PLA Diameter:1.75mm±0.1mm
  • Material:PLA
  • Net Weight:1KG
  • Gross Weight:1.35KG(within tray)
  • Temperature:optimum temperature is 175-230℃(Suggest printing temperature setting around 200℃,to prevent the temperature too high to make the PLA carbonizing cause the nozzle blocking)
  • Tray Diameter:190mm
  • Inner bore diameter:39mm
  • Tray High:White(71mm),Blue(80mm),Green(72mm),Purple(71mm),Red(72mm),Yellow(81mm),Clear(70mm),Black(72mm)
  • Strict production process:Baked material,colour mixture,extrusion,Cool down,caliper measure,Winding,Put the desiccant,packaging,encasement


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