Robotboard v1.2 51 Controller

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Robotboard v1.2 51Single Chip Micyoco(SCM)  controller is based on STC89C SCM series ,its default configuration is STC98C52 SCM, compatible with all STC89C series. Based on the advantage of V1.1 version, it still uses laminated design, PCB immersion gold process, and all the I/O interfaces are extended out in STC89C series. Bluetooth module communication interface, APC220 RF modules communication interface, RB URF V1.1 ultrasonic sensors interface, 1602 LCD interface. For beginners, it in the true sense simplifies the circuit.


  • Microcontroller: STC89C52RC(The speed can reach to 80MIPS)
  • Operating voltage: +5V
  • External input voltage: +7V~+12V(Recommended)
  • External input voltage(limits): +6V≤Vin≤+20V
  • Digital  I / O pins: 32
  • DC Current per I/O pins: 20mA
  • Flash Memory: 8KB
  • SRAM: 0.5KB
  • EEPROM: 2K bytes
  • Clock: 11.0592MHz
  • Weight: 44g

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