ALSRobot Speaker Module for Arduino

  • Brand: ALSRobot
  • Product Code: RB-02S093
  • Availability: 99
  • Sales Volume: 12
  • $5.88

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Speaker module is produced by ALSRobot,which is composed of power amplifier and a Speaker.Sound can pass circuit boards to the size of the potentiometer to work,Input a different frequency, the speaker produced different tones.By coding the Arduino and DIY your own music box.This product adopts data interface and insert the plug, on both sides of the interface with the letter "D" on behalf of the type of signal is digital signal, and the "speaker" logo on behalf of the module type, AD hoc 4 M3 fixed mounting holes, and adjust the direction and fixed is convenient and easy to use, is generous and beautiful.It can be applied in all kinds of singlechip controller, especially on the Arduino controller is more simple, by dupont sensor cable received special sensor Arduino expansion board, can easily achieve interactive works related to environmental awareness.


  • 1.Product Name: Speaker Module
  • 2.Product Number: RB-02S093
  • 3.Working Voltage: 5v
  • 4.Dimensions: 45mm*25mm
  • 5.Weight: 5g
  • 6.Singal Type: Digital Signals
  • 7.Data Type: Digital Input
  • 8.Pin Definitions:(1)S:Signal (2)-:GND (3)+:VDD

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