TEMT6000 Arduino Detect Ambient Light Sensor

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TEMT6000 visible light sensor consists of a highly light-sensitive (NPN type) transistor, it can capture small changes in light and magnify about 100 times, that can easily be identified by microcontroller and be converted to AD. The response characteristics of TEMT6000 to visible light illumination is similar to human eyes, so we could make friendly and interactive applications by  simulating the human response to the intensity of ambient light. It can be applied to high accurate requirement situations of  sensitive visible light changes, such as lighting control, screen backlight control. On one side of insert is the letter "A" represents the type of signal to an analog signal, and on the other side of insert with the "light" logo on behalf of the sensor type. With four M3 mounting holes, it is easy to be fixed and used.


  •  Product Name: TEMT6000 photosensor
  •  Item No: RB-02S091
  •  Working voltage: 3.3 ~ 5V
  •  Data Type: Analog Output
  •  Size: 30mm x 25mm
  •  Working temperature: -40 ~ 85 ° C

Pin Definitions:

  •  S: Signal Interface
  •  +: positive power supply
  •  -: Power Ground

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