RGB LED Module for Arduino Uno Rev3 Controller

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RGB LED module is composed of four WS2812 RGB LED.Controlled by single-chip microcomputer,can separate each LED.

Alsrobot introduced RGB LED module,which is composed of four full-color WS2812 RGB LED.Controlled by single-chip microcomputer,can controlled each LED separately.It can adjust its brightness and the creation of any color by mixing different amount of red,green,blue,to Through 3p sensor cable can be directly inserted from the Arduino extension board by the Arduino uno controller programming is convenient to use.This product adopts data interface and insert the plug,on both sides of the interface with the letter "D" on behalf of the type of signal into digital signal,and the "RGB" logo on behalf of the module type,AD hoc 4 M3 fixed mounting holes,and adjust the direction and fixed is convenient and easy to use,beautiful and generous.it will send out seven colourful alternately LED module After Circuit connection right.


  • 1.Product Name:RGB LED Module
  • 2.Product Number:RB-02S092
  • 3.Input Voltage:3.3V-5.5V
  • 4.Working Voltage:5V
  • 5.Data Type:Digital Input
  • 6.Dimension:40mm x 25mm
  • 7.Definition:OUT :Cascade Pins  DIN:Signal Pin   +:VDD -:GND

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