Electronic Potentiometer Analog Slide Position Sensor

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This slide potentiometer is a linear variable resistor with a total resistance of 10k. When you move the lever from one side to the other, its output voltage will range between 0 V to 5V. While the remaining pin is connected to a green indicator LED. You can use the indicator LED to visually display the change on the potentiometer.

This slide potentiometer can be combined easily with the Arduino IO/sensor expansion board. It also can connect with arduino controller and other sensors to make a lot cool works.


  • Item name: Slide Position Sensor
  • Item no: RB-02S071A
  • Item type: Input
  • Interface type: KF2510-3P
  • Operating voltage: 5V
  • Input voltage: 0-5V
  • Output signal: Analog
  • Item Size: 62mm x 20mm
  • Hole pitch: 55mm x 15mm
  • Size 10. Weight: 25g
  • Test environment:
  1. -Hardware Environment: arduino controller, sensor shield V5.0, slider sensor, LED module.
  2. -Software environment: Arduino IDE 1.7.7
  • Pin Definitions:
  1. S: Signal
  2. -: GND (Power ground)
  3. +: VCC (Positive power)

Shipping List:
1 x Analog Slide Position Sensor

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