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Cash sensor called electronic switch is digital switch module necessary beginners and it can control light, control sounder and the selection of LED display. It is also installed on 4WD Aluminum Mobile Robot.Crash sensors can be fitted in various positions throughout the vehicle. Their location depends on the direction of deceleration they are designed to detect.When the sensors indicate that a predetermined deceleration rate has been exceeded and it is from the appropriate direction, the SRS control unit deploys the relevant air bags. If the collision is from the front, the driver and passenger air bags will deploy. If the collision comes from the side, the sensor determines whether the seat mounted air bag, or curtain air bags for one side of the vehicle ,will deploy.With more refined designs, the passenger air bag deploys only if there is an occupant in the seat.Deployment can also relay on the weight of the occupantand whether the passenger air bag switch, if fitted, it would be turned on.To prevent incorrect and unnecessary deployment, systems include a sating sensor mountedwithin the SRS control unit. The SRS control unit will onlypass current through the squib if both the sating sensor and a crash sensor indicatesimultaneously that a predetermined deceleration rate has been exceeded.

Marking "D" represents the module is a digital sensor, the other side graph represents function of the sensor. Easy identification!


  •  Product Name: Collision switch
  •  Item No: RB-02S033A
  •  Working voltage: 3.3V / 5V
  •  Data Type: digital output
  •  Size: 30mm x 25mm

Pin Definitions:

  •  S: Signal Interface
  •  +: positive power supply
  •  -: Power Ground

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