Raspberry Pi HIFiBoxDAC Shield Expansion Board

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The raspberry pi HIFiBoxDAC expansion board integrates the TI company's professional audio decoding chip PCM5122,adopting I2S interface standard, and integrates a set of improved audio hardware decoding system based on raspberry pi.It also supports the powerful streaming software such as Volumio, RuneAudio, OSMC, etc., which is the best choice for construct the raspberry pi HiFi system.


TI company professional audio decoding chip PCM5122 supports the sampling rate of up to 32bit/ 384kHz, dynamic range 112dB, distortion - 93db.The low noise voltage stabilizer is designed and the magnetic beads are used to avoid the sound of the current.

The gold-plated RCV two terminals and 3.5mm headphone seats can be used for a variety of situations such as speaker amplifier and ear release.The extension plate can be used directly on the raspberry pi, and the I2S interface is used to directly decode the digital transfer simulation, non-usb interface DAC.

Integrated infrared receiver, support infrared remote control, control volume, play and so on.DAC decoding status indicator light, when decoding work bright, stop or do not work, better understand the work of DAC.The original imported components are used to ensure the use and life of each product.

It is well compatible with the official PI HAT size of the raspberry pi. The circuit board adopts high quality and heavy gold processing. The optimized wiring design ensures the impedance continuity of the signal and reduces the signal reflection and refraction.

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