ALSRobot Design Creation Enhanced Kit for Arduino (More than 17 Lessons)

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Alsrobot is one of the Leading company in China of design ,development of arduino, 3d printers, raspberry pi and STM32. Mr Yuxinlong ,founder of ALsrobot are called “Father of Robot” in china and famous for his experience of robot software development, graphical programming technology. Because of his excellent sharing in robotics education , China Youth Education Association award him as China's top ten outstanding young people.

Alsrobot’s Brand Concept is Ceate your dream with passion, Predict your future with inspiration!No matter what your vision is, our products and resources are designed to make the world of electronics more accessible to the average person. Let us Creat,Let us succesed!

Packing List:

1 x Arduino Uno R3 Controller

1 x Breadboard Self-Adhesive

1 x Mini Photocell

1 x Diode 1N4007

3 x Mini Push Switch

1 x Reed Switch Insulated

4 x 5mm LED (Red)

4 x 5mm LED (Yellow)

4 x 5mm LED (Green)                                

10 x Resistor 10kΩ DIP

10 x Resistor 470Ω

1 x USB Cable                       

1 x Jumper Wire Kit

1 x PIR Sensor

1 x Magnet

1 x Tilt Switch

1 x 3 Pin Jumper Wire

1 x Micro DC Motor

1 x Mini Fan


1 x 8-Segment Display

1 x IR Flame Sensor Diode

1 x Buzzer 12mm

1 x Transistors-NPN 9013

1 x 5mm LED RGB

1 x Relay Module

1 x LM35 Temperature Sensor

1 x 9012PNP Transistor

1 x Adjustable Potentiometer

1 x 74HC595 Chip

1 x RB-15PG Servo Motor

1 x Infrared Receiver

1 x Infrared Transmitter

1 x Vibration Sensor

1 x IR Remote Control

17 pcs Sample Projects for beginners:  

1 :Light up a LED 

2 :Digital Dice 

3 :Flame Detector 

4 :Reed MOSFIT and Relay 

5 :Waterfall LED Lamp 

6 :Intelligent Door Bell 

7 :Brightness Adjustable LED 

8 :RGB Breathing Light 

9 :Speed Adjustable Motor 

10 :PIR Sensor Alarm 

11 : Temperature alarm 

12 : Electronic organ 

13 : Swing Champion 

14 : Pointer luminance meter 

15 :Memory Master 

16 : Serial to parallel 

17 : Code lock puzzle game

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