N20 Fan motor module for Arduino DIY robot educational sensor

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Brand: ALSRobot


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The fan motor module from ALSRobot, wiring simple, easy to operate, by 3 p sensor cable connected to the extension or sensor Arduino controller board, when the input signal is high electricity at ordinary times, the motor can rotate, the input signal low electricity at ordinary times, the motor stops.Fan motor module is very suitable for beginners, you can use it to achieve more novel, fun ideas.


    • Product name: Fan motor module
    • Item No.: RB-02S120
    • Brand: ALSRobot
    • Dimensions: 28 mm x 40 mm
    • Weight:12 g
    • Packaging: anti-static bag packaging
    • Mounting hole: M3 * 4
    • Interface type: 3P anti-plug interface
    • Signal type: digital signal
    • Indicator light: power indicator light
    • Working voltage: 5V
    • Working current: 200mA
    • Pin definition:
    • + power positive terminal
    • - power negative
    • S signal
    • Connection line: 3P sensor connection line
    • Working temperature: - 10 ℃ - 60 ℃
    • Motor operating voltage: 3V
    • No-load speed: 12000 + / - 10rpm
    • No-load current: 40mA

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