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Light Sensor for Arduino Compatible

Description: Arduino Compatible Light Sensor is based on the principle of semiconductor photoelectr..


RB-15PG Servo Motor Kit

Description: The RB-15PG is the most mini servo. It is the Alsrobot newest generation of standard 1..


ADC keyboard analog 5 channel button sensor for Arduino

Description:When designing the input circuit of the key, we usually adopt independent IO port to con..


Arduino Compatible PWM Shield

Description: This is the Arduino shield version of our TLC5940 Breakout. The PWM Shield will allow ..


Arduino XBee Sensor Shield

Description: The XBee Sensor Shield is produced by ALSRobot,it is the newest one about V5.0,it is..


Digital Push Button Sensor for Arduino Uno Controller

Description: This is a digital push button sensor, which detects your press action. It is ideal for..


Eleduino Intel Edison Acrylic Enclosure White/Blue Case for Edison Development Board

Description The Intel Edison Acrylic Enclosure is crafted out of high quality acrylic layers with a..


Force Sensitive Resistor 0.5"(FSR402)

Description:  This is a force sensitive resistor with a round, 0.5" diameter, sensing area. Th..


Joy Bit shield PS2 handle button for micro:bit

Description:JoyBit is the game type extension board,specially designed for micro:bit,which is design..


Joy Bit Shield with Enclosed and PS2 Handle Button for micro:bit Controller

Description:JoyBit is the game type extension board,specially designed for micro:bit,which is design..


micro:bit CooCoo 2WD Platform Robot Controller for DIY programming

Description:micro:bit CooCoo controller is designed for CooCoo education programming mobile robot de..


Plastic DC Motor Kit 1:48

Description: Mini DC Gear Motor is a cost-effective, high usability and quality motor produced by A..


RB-150CS Servo Motor Kit

Description: The RB–150CS is the ALARobotBase newest generation of 360 degree continuous rotation m..


RB-150MG Servo Motor Kit

Description: The RB - 150MG is the AlSRobotBase newest generation of metal teeth servo with large t..


RedBot Mainboard Controller

Description: The RedBot Mainboard is a robotic development platform that works with the Arduino IDE..


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