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Getting Started with Raspberry Pi Kit-Raspberry Pi 3 Controller

Description: The Raspberry Pi 3 Model B is the latest single board computer to be released by the R..


ALSRobot Arduino Electronic Starter Kit

Description: The Arduino Electronic Starter Kit is produced by Harbin Alseon Robotics Technology Co..


ALSRobot Breadboard Prototype Shield For micro:bit STEM Educational Programming

Description:The micro:bit Prototyping Shield is developed by ALSRobot R&D team for micro:bit pro..


ALSRobot Design Creation Enhanced Kit for Arduino (More than 17 Lessons)

Description: Alsrobot is one of the Leading company in China of design ,development of arduino, 3..


ALSRobot mico:bit GPIO Shield Development Board for mico:bit

Description:The mico:bit GPIO shield was developed specifically for the edge pin extension of the mi..


Electronic block kit for micro:bit STEM programming education kit

Description:Electronic block kit for micro:bit is based on micro: bit controller principle design, i..


Getting Started with Arduino Kit--Carduino UNO R3 Controller

Description: Getting Started with Arduino kit has been updated by Harbin Alseon Robotics Tec..


Getting Started with Arduino Magic Kit

Description: The Getting started with Arduino Magic kit is launched by ALSRobot recently, Arudino..


Getting Started with Raspberry Pi 3 Programming Development Kit Module B Controller

Description:Raspberry Pi is a credit-card sized microcomputer, is specially designed for students co..


micro:bit CooCoo 2WD Platform Robot Controller for DIY programming

Description:micro:bit CooCoo controller is designed for CooCoo education programming mobile robot de..


The injection molding case for Raspberry Pi Zero and Zero W controller

Description:This injection molding case for Raspberry Pi Zero/Zero ,which is designed to be up and d..


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