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4WD Mobile Robot Kit with Detection and Avoidance System

Description: ALSRobot is launching the newest 4WD Mobile Robot Kit with Distance System,A..


4WD Robotic Aluminum Mobile Car Chassis--Black

Description: The Arduino 4WD aluminum mobile robot platform can hold many controllers, drivers, sen..

$26.50 $38.30

AS-2WD Aluminium Mobile Robotic Car Platform(1:48 DC Motor)

Description: AS-2WD Aluminum Mobile Robotic Platform is design by ALSRobot,it is learn the most adv..


NiMH / Ni-Cd battery charger

Description: This is an economical unit that can now charge Ni-MH batteries as well as Ni-Cd batter..


StarDuino v1.0 Controller Getting Started kits controller

Description: This StarDuino v1.0 Controller is produced by ALSRobot (Harbin Alseon Robotics Techn..


Wall Adapter Power Supply 12VDC 1.5A/5VDC 8A

Specification: Wall Adapter Power Supply 12VDC 1.5A/5VDC 8A wall power supply Dual output ..


Wild Thumper 6WD Chassis

Description: The 6WD Chassis is the best seller of the world: It takes almost no time to go from un..


11.1V Lipo 2200mAh Battery

Description: The Li-Po battery pack features a balancing lead that allows you to more safely charge..


4xAA battery holder (square with cover)

Description: This battery holder can hold 4 AA battery  which can make 4.8 V rechargeable batt..


6in1 Solar Conversion Equipment

Description: Teach children the benefits of solar energy while they create a toy that is both fun t..


6WD Platform Electronic Control Part

Description:The 6WD rescue robot platform has a strong body(L425mm W300mm) and SUV only(stairs climb..


APP Remote Control Toy Educational ZinnoBot Intelligent Programming Robot Kit for Kids

Description:ZinnoBot is an entry-level educational robot DIY kit,Through the combination of differen..


Arduino Mini Controller ATMEGA32U4 Arduino Steven Controller

Description: Builded with master chip ATMEGA32U4, the mini controller is easy to use and very pow..


Arduino Robot

Description: The Arduino Robot is the first official Arduino on wheels. The robot has two processor..


Arduino XBee Sensor Shield

Description: The XBee Sensor Shield is produced by ALSRobot,it is the newest one about V5.0,it is..


AS-2WD Aluminium Mobile Robotic Car Platform(1:120 DC Motor)

Description: AS-2WD Aluminum Mobile Robotic Platform is design by ALSRobotBase,it is learn the most..


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