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Cruise Debut at the Singapore 3D-Tronics Robotic Competition

Cruise Debut at the Singapore 3D-Tronics Robotic Competition

The Singapore 3D-Tronics was hold in Singapore Convention Center on May 18,2019 .Cruise micro:bit programming educational robot show at competition even as one of the designated equipment and get a lots of attention from many makers .



The 3D-Tronics national information and communication competition (NIC) is an annual competition platform organized by Zenitant Pte Ltd, IMDA, institute of technical education (ITE), Microsoft, Tinkertanker, and Micromaker, which is an opportunity for students to showcase their production and programming skills, and learn about how they use design and computational thinking to improve the design performance of prototypes.


The theme of 3D-Tronics in this year is "Digital Fabrication in 2019",Contestants compete as teams, and the winning team receives a generous prize to encourage students to be creative and find solutions in the real world.


Participants experience Cruise line-following function

 Cruise is equipped with infrared line-following sensor, which can help the robot to track white or black lines. The line-following feedback signal can provide stable TTL level output (switch quantity), making the line-following more accurate and stable.


Participants are using joybit gamepad to control Cruise

The gamepad is a extension board designed for micro:bit, which enables precise control of the cruise car wirelessly.


Cruise supports two programming styles, the Java module editor and the Python editor, covering from beginner to advanced learner,inspire their unlimited creativity and innovation .


Cruise:This is micro:bit enthusiasts indispensable starter kit!


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