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ALSRobot Cup Robot Football Competition of Youth Science Camp

ALSRobot Cup Robot Football Competition of Youth Science Camp


On July 16, 2018, the Harbin branch of the 2018 youth science camp was launched at the Harbin engineering university.The youth science camp welcomed 200 outstanding high school students from all over the nation .ALSRobot held the "ALSRobot Cup" robot football competition in order to enable students to integrate into the university science camp faster as the co-organizer of this activity.


Pre-game: Learn about your robot

What is robot cup ?what are the functions of robots?Just like if you want to play football well, you have to understand football first.If you want to get good results in robocup, you must understand robots firstly ! In the the opening ceremony,the CEO of ALSRobot,Xinlong Yu and the excellent training team at the scene to explain the robot and other cutting-edge scientific and technological knowledge, and this competition designated equipment: CooCoo.Next,let me explain the powerful feature of CooCoo.


图片10.png AI+STEAM educational robotic coding kit integrated electronic,mechanical and programming,children can constantly improve their creative ability in the process of playing, exercise their hands-on ability, develop logical thinking, and open the door to the scientific world for teenagers through more creative STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, mathematics) education .



Learn operational knowledge and enjoy hand-on fun

There are 5 teams and 20 teams participating in this robot soccer challenge.Each group of teams will be led by the senior lecturer of ALSRobot, guide each group of students to make the robot specifications, learn the operating principle of the robot, help students to understand and operate the robot faster and better!


ALSRobot instructor explain assembly method  


Curious students are building up CooCoo robots



  Curious students are debugging CooCoo robots  




CooCoo is not only simple mechanical parts assembly, the ALSRobot team also burn the program of embedded instruction,let students control this action of the robot through the Cell phone, If assembling is a test of physical ability, then competitive competition is about manipulation and psychology.There are 20 teams in 5 groups. Each team chooses 3 people to represent the team for the championship.


As a co-organizer,the purpose of taking part in the competition is to encourage more young people to get involved in robot and programming learning.