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Teacher Training | ALSROBOT Helps Jilin Province Artificial Intelligence Education Key Teachers Training Session


From September 25th to 30th, 2019, the Education Department of Jilin Province held a training course for key teachers of science and technology in the off-campus activities of minors in Jilin Province in Changchun. The content of this training mainly focused on artificial intelligence education. Ao Song Intelligent's programming father created a school team to participate in the training conference, to teach the teachers on the dynamics and related knowledge of artificial intelligence, and help the Jilin Province teacher training meeting!


- Listening to the lectures carefully -

The purpose of this training is to implement the spirit of the "New Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Plan" document issued by the State Council, strengthen the construction of the teaching staff of the province's off-campus activities, and further promote the extensive development of youth intelligent science popularization activities in our province. The personnel who participated in the training came from the backbone teachers and staff of various cities and counties. The training content mainly focuses on artificial intelligence basics, technology and its systems, procedures and algorithms, image recognition and speech recognition, robot programming, artificial intelligence and machine learning, artificial intelligence curriculum construction in primary and secondary schools, artificial intelligence teaching cases, STEAM project-based teaching, etc. The aspect is unfolding.


The representative of the Dad Creative School team explained the field knowledge of the artificial intelligence industry for the participants. It also introduced the self-developed micro:bit series courses, teaching aids and the school's online management system, which were highly praised by the teachers.

4.JPG- Explain Cruise micro:bit programming educational robot -


- Explain the teaching mode -


- Explain the micro: bit object creation module and IOT networking application -

Based on micro:bit IoT Module Kit


9.JPG10.JPG11.JPG12.JPG13.JPG14.JPG15.JPG16.JPG17.JPG18.JPG19.JPGThe training course for the backbone of science and technology teachers held this time was a complete success. Many teachers in the field have a new understanding of the development of artificial intelligence education! Through the study, everyone has also obtained the relevant certificate of completion, and the harvest is full! In the future, Alsrobot will continue to draw on advanced concepts and technologies, bring more innovative ideas to teachers, contribute to improving the teaching methods and quality of teaching in major schools and training institutions, and jointly cultivate science and technology in the future. Home, let the children become the forces that affect the world! !

- Certificate of Completion -



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