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[Events] 2019 do your:bit Global Challenge is coming, ALSROBOT invites you to participate!

A competitive platform for outstanding young people, a collision between creativity and imagination, a wonderful technology experience in England, just waiting for you!

The perfect opportunity for children to prove themselves – micro:bit 2019 The Global Challenge was officially opened on September 16th. ALSROBOT has become the official partner of the 2019 do your :bit Global Challenge!


-Official partner -

Do your:bit Global Challenge, ALSROBOT waiting for you to fight, come and apply!

What is do your:bit global challenge

Do your :bit is a global challenge for young children for micro:bit. The competition is designed to test whether children can use their imagination and creativity to combine micro:bit and other technologies to find solutions to global problems.

Micro:bit is a micro-computer development board designed by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) for young programming education. It is a good tool for children to learn programming. The BBC hopes to drive young people into creative hardware production and software programming through micro:bit instead of immersing themselves in all kinds of entertainment and consumption every day.


In September 2015, an agreement was reached with 193 countries. The United Nations established 17 global sustainable development goals. In the next 15 years, it will work to achieve a world free from poverty, no inequality, and no threat to climate change. And work hard. As a result, the annual theme of the do your:bit contest is chosen among these 17 global sustainability goals to solve a global problem by allowing children to design and build smart devices themselves.

 Review of the winning works


-Zayd’s Dr Robot (an award-winning work in the Middle East in 2018) -


- Homemade home security system -

- Sitting posture reminder -

What is the theme of this competition?

The theme of this competition is how to use micro:bit to protect life on land and in the sea in an innovative way, mainly from the 14th and 15th of the Sustainable Development Goals signed by the United Nations in 2015, signed by 193 member states. aims.

Each topic is subdivided into 4 tasks, which means that there are a total of 8 tasks, and the contestant can select any one of them to play.


Competition task:

Develop a range of devices and solutions using micro:bit to protect marine and terrestrial organisms.

Goal 14: Protect marine life

Task 1: Glowing fishing nets

Task 2: Turtle Safety Light

Task 3: Marine Health Monitoring Device

Task 4: Surface oil film cleaning device

Goal 15: Protecting terrestrial life

Task 1: Anti-poaching collar

Task 2: Biological monitoring device

Task 3: Automatic planting device

Task 4: Forest Protection System

Based on these two points, can the friends understand what problems are facing the ocean and nature? Expand your thinking and find a viable solution through micro:bit!

Micro:bit learning book recommendation



Young people aged 8-14 around the world can participate. Can be entered as an individual or as a team member, each team can have up to 3 members. This challenge is an online competition. Participants can pass their entries on the micro:bit website.

Entries and requirements

1. A description describing your solution.

The content needs to explain which goal you focus on? What did you create? Why are you creating it? Who is it for? How will it help your community or other communities? (no more than 500 words)

2. A paper prototype that shows the working principle of the work;

3. Or prototype code.hex file;

4. If you want, you can also pass the video or photo of your project.

Event reward

There are 12 awards this year, of which there are six places in the championship and runner-up. Six champions will be invited to participate in the awards ceremony in London next year (the organizer will provide free round-trip airfare and accommodations). ALSROBOT is a beautiful gift for everyone!

ALSROBOT Awards Gifts

Winners of the championship can get a set of micro:bit kits or a variety of creative test kits (micro:bit kit includes: love micro:bit interactive starter kit, micro:bit based on IoT development kit, based on Micro:bit IoT module, any of the above three)


- Variety Star Creative Test Box -

The runner-up player can get the micro:bit object-making magic block experiment box provided by ALSROBOT


-IoT Creativity Block Experiment Box -

Note *Special gifts are sent randomly, subject to actual receipt!


Event schedule


Event cost

free! free! free


Students who want to register can consult the official website.


Let's first experience the micro:bit IoT module course solution independently developed by ALSROBOT! ! Whether you are a teacher or a fan, it helps micro:bit development and learning!


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ALSROBOT invites you to enter

As a partner of this event, ALSROBOT hopes that more children can improve their innovative ability, independent thinking ability, hands-on ability and problem-solving ability by learning STEM (STED), and hope that children can have opportunities and global Teenagers grow up and grow on the same platform. To learn more about micro:bit products, click on the article "Read the original text" in the lower left corner of the article!

Play with outstanding young people around the world!

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