Arduino Series Learning Kit is your starting point into the world of physical computing. This Kit is crafted specifically for this Processing and Arduino enthusiasts . No soldering whatsever,you can also achieve the interaction between the sensor and  Processing  easily by jump wire. Even if you havn't learned the knowledge of electronic circuits, you can gradually complete each application experiment through this kit and finally master the knowledge of circuit design.

•STEAM Education - Perfect choice for beginners to learn robotics, electronics and program.

• Drag-and-Drop - Graphical programming provides a quick way to learn programming and have fun.

• Easy-to-build and operate - Easy wiring, high quality materials, detailed instruction document, online manuals and lesson tutorials, suitable for all user levels.

• Great Starter kit for learning programming - Robotics and improve logical thinking and creativity.

•Alsrobot by Arduino is a superior interactive product for those who are interested in enhancing their learning experience in programming and coding.

•This premium quality kit, made from top quality materials, benefits from an easy to assemble process and creates an enjoyable and memorable interactive experience.

•Engineered with all user experience levels in mind, anyone with interest in programming and technology can learn.

•Expansion is made easy with a wide range of supported sensors and components.

Name of Item

Getting Started with Arduino Kit 

Item Number


Programming Software

ALSRobot APP , C , Scartch,ALSRobot SuperBlockly



Power Supply


Basic Module

LED luminous module , Fan motor module , large button module , Rotated potentiometer module, Buzzer


light sensor, unidirectional dip sensor , IR obstacle avoidance sensor , soil moisture sensor, IR line patrol sensor,  Pyroelectric infrared sensor , temperature sensor