Packing list:

1、Starduino UNO R3 (Inline Chip) RB-01C076A X1
2、Arduino Prototype Expansion Board RB-01C017 X1
3、Color strips breadboard (in the large kit) / can be spliced / large RB-06L025 X1
4、8 segment digital tube (total) RB-08E052 X1
5、Black small button RB-08E013 X3
6、Buzzer RB-08E027 X1
7、Small sliding rheostat (10K) RB-08E031 X1
8、Huike Small Relay RB-08E034 X1
9、Photoresistors RB-08E028 X1
10、1N4007 Diode RB-08E033 X1
11、LM35 Temperature Sensor RB-08E068 X1
12、74HC595SPI to parallel port chip DIP RB-08E210 X1
13、9012PNP Transistor RB-08E060 X1
14、9013NPN Transistor RB-08E059 X1
15、LED Light Emitting Diode 5mm Red RB-08E016 X4
16、LED Light Emitting Diode 5mm Yellow RB-08E015 X4
17、LED Light Emitting Diode 5mm Green RB-08E014 X4
18、Inline Resistor 10k (DIP) RB-08E141 X10
19、Inline resistance 470 ohms RB-08E026 X10
20、Infrared pyroelectric sensor RB-02S017A X1
21、Magnetic steel 8mm RB-08E086 X1
22、Green one-way tilt sensor RB-08E053 X1
23、Single-head anti-plug 3P cable RB-12C229 X1
24、RF-310 Micro DC Motor RB-04M021 X1
25、White fan blades RB-08E096 X1
26、IRF520MOSFIT RB-08E064 X1
27、Imported plastic reed switch RB-08E058 X1
28、RB-15PG steering gear (blue) RB-04M042 X1
29、Black Arduino Download Data Cable RB-06L020 X1
30、Colorful breadboard experiment jumper RB-06L001 X1
31、Infrared Emitter Tube RB-08E030 X1
32、Infrared receiver tube RB-08E010 X1
33、Ultra-thin infrared remote control RB-03T003 X1
34、Black Ball Switch RB-08E621 X1
35、Full color LED RB-08E095 X1
36、Flame Infrared Receiver Tube RB-08E009 X1
37、Fall in love with gift box RB-12C300 X1
38、Love to play Arduino Chinese version envelope RB-12C313 X1
39、Love to play Arduino graphical programming (1-17) RB-12C339 X1
40、Love to play Arduino (1-17 code) RB-12C340 X1
41、Fall in love & play Arduino blister top cover RB-12C322 X1
42、Fall in love & play Arduino blister lower cover RB-12C323 X1
43、Ziplock pocket 1# RB-12C050 X21
44、M3*15 screws RB-12C151 X3
45、M3*12 flange face screw RB-12C152 X1
46、Fall in love with Arduino Starter Kit Component Stickers RB-12C178 X1