Getting started with micro:bit kit is from Alsrobot designing based on micr:bit controller. We elaborately designed 10 application tests for starter,anyone can find pleasure in trying it. Getting started with micro:bit kit makes programming more easy and interesting.

1.BBC designs for teenagers programming education

2.Graphic programming

3.Multiple programming electronic modules

4.No wire or jumper connection required

5.Compatible with lego


Packing List:

1 x Micro:bit
1 x 2*AA battery case
1 x Micro USB cable
1 x Micro:bit Prototype Shield
1 x Alternatively spliced breadboard
1 x Buzzer
1 x TMP36 temperature sensor
1 x Photoresistance
2 x Metal button
1 x Rotating potentiometer
1 x SPDT mini switch
1 x 5mm LED:RGB common-cathode
5 x 5mm LED green
5 x 5mm LED yellow
5 x 5mm LED red
20 x 470 Ohm resistance
20 x 10 Ohm resistance
1 x Jumper
2 x AA Battery
1 x Servo motor:RGB-15PG


1.Products Name:Getting started with micro:bit kit

2.Item No.:RB-13K260

3.Programming software:Javascript, Python

4.Basic moudle:11 kinds sensor elements

5.Controller: micro:bit

6.Weight: 0.86kg