1、Programming solfware: Python3,Arduino IDE,SuperBlockly,S4A,Scratch,Ardublock
2、Programming language: C,Python,C++,Java,PHP,Scratch,etc
3、Operating system: based on raspbian ALSRobot custom development system
4、Main controller: Raspberry Pi 3 controller
5、Hardware memory: IGB RAM
6、Expand memory: support SD card, usb storage expansion
7、Power supply: AC 100-240v-dc 5V/ 2.5a.
8、Display interface: HDMI high definition multimedia interface
9、Audio interface: 3.5mm audio interface.
10、Wireless communication: 802.11nWFl. Low power bluetooth 4.1
11、Kit weight: 2.5kg
12、Extended interface: type A USB, CSI camera, DSI monitor, RU45 network, hardware GPIO interface
13、Product size: 346mm x 230mmx 100mm

Support Programme:

ALSRobot SuperBlockly
Scratch for Arduino
Arduino IDE

Packing List:

1 x Raspberry pi 3 Controller
1 x 16G SD Card
1 x 5v 2.5A Power Adapter
1 x HDMI to HDMI Cable
1 x 1M Internet Cable
1 x Raspberry pi Enclosure
1 x Wireless Keyboard
1 x Portable loudspeaker( with charge cable inside)
1 x Heatsink Kit
1 x Electronic Items (LED, button, resistor, experimental electrical wire, Dubond line, breadboard)